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Name: Evi
We were having some drinks and chatting in our favourite cafe. After some time we got bored.
- Let's go to the disco.- I broke the silence. Aaron and Tony said they would be there. Aaron said he was coming in his new car. Let's have a look at it.
Ivy and Charlie got up without saying a word and started walking towards the cellar of the spa because the disco was there. It was lit by dazzling blue and green lights on the billboard.
We got a dolphin seal onto our arm instead of a ticket. We entered ...

Ivy and Charlie immediately headed for the bar. A plump guy with a handsome face took me by the waist.
-Come and show them how a slow dance must be danced full of emotions. - he shouted so that I could hear something with the too loud music in the background.
I danced with him. He was gentle and smiley. I got quite lively. After the dance he came with me to the bar where the company had already gathered. Aaron was explaining something to Ivy and Charley loudly while Tony was nodding seriously. Everybody was in a bad mood.

-Do you know that Mike is an adopted child?- Aaron asked me.
-Of course I know. He taught me how to ride a bike. He spoke a lot about himself. We went to kindergarten then...
- And are you aware of the fact that he has got a twin sister? She was adopted by other parents. They did not know about each other...
- And? - I asked impatiently.
- And the met here, in the disco...
- Well, and? - I asked. Aaron, Tony and the others were looking at me seriously...
I shuddered at the thought that they wanted to communicate for me. My beaux gave me a hug, which was a very good feeling now...

- Mike revealed to his parents at home that he had met a girl and that he was about to introduce her to them. When they heard who the whole thing was about, they told him who the girl was... So his adoptive parents knew about her but they did not tell Mike anything about her.

- Where is he now? - asked I.
He is at home but he is preparing to move abroad. He does not want to talk to anybody.
I looked at my new beaux with sadness in my eyes. He kissed me as he was still holding me in his arms.
-I fancy you. - he whispered into my ears kindly.
- And I fancy you. I whispered into his eyes. We smiled at each other.


Beküldve: September 26, 2018
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Name: Franky
The life of a tiny human being....

In spring loves comes naturally. Due to the first rays of summer and the fragrance of spring nature overflows with love. I would like to drop some lines about the adventurous life of a pregnant would-be mother who had just left childhood behind. A tiny life was conceived as the first drop of a young love. She rushed into the hospital in order to have an abortion. What is the very first thought of a young pregnant girl? She must have an abortion and erase that little life as she is too young to bring up a child. She wants to live. These are desperate words and thoughts when somebody is facing the fact that she has become a mother too early...

Time went by and the doctor informed her that it was too late to have an abortion as she had come too late for the intervention. Both of them were only children and too immature to have their own kid. Although the young couple had desperate thoughts, they gradually came to terms with the situation.

They gradually came to terms with the idea that they would have a baby and they were quite happy about it as the little foetus was developing in her mom's belly. They started to be worried about it as it was growing and the belly was growing, too. They hoped it would be healthy and nothing would happen to it and everything would be all right,

They did not even think about the fact that in the first moment they had almost erased this little life by an abortion. The first moment is when you pronounce the idea of the abortion deep inside you. You do not even think about the possibility that you will be the happiest person if you give birth to the tiny infant - this little human being you are about to give birth to may become a doctor, a prime minister or an ordinary person but you gave birth to it and did not take away its life.

Weeks and months went by. The foetus became a child and the tiny human being was born who had not become the victim of an abortion due to coincidence. Today this young mother is the happiest person in the world, holding her little baby in her hand, as she is humming a song for the baby or pampering it and is does not come into her mind that all of this would not have happened if her fate had allowed her to go for the abortion. This is the end of the story but the beginning of a new life - it has already become an adage...


Beküldve: July 19, 2018
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Name: Evi
Summer love...

- Bye, Laura! I'm going running. The new road has been finished next to the football pitch, come there, right?
-Ok. I'm ready so I am about to set off - said Laura and told her mother that from that day she and Amy were to go jogging in another place.
The track was covered in rubber and some gymnastic equipment had also been installed nearby for adults.
- It is not so nice to run next to the forest. However, we will not see Leo while he is riding a horse...
- Don't you see that he didn't even notice you? I suppose it's all the same, isn't it?
- Maybe he will notice me at the workplace. - sighed Laura. Love usually starts with love at the workplace.
- You are right, maybe I misunderstood his glance and he doesn't want to notice me...

Beküldve: January 9, 2018
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love...

The next day I went to work. Those hot summer days... I was sighing as I was carrying the suitcases. New guests arrived, with a circle of friends. One of the guests was familiar for me but the others were not yet. A lady in her fifties turned to me...
-Excuse me. Please, could you help me? ... I heard these words from the distance.
I turned back and saw an agreeable nice lady who was standing by her car in the parking lot.
Her first words were ringing in my ears because people usually do not speak to me like that - I mean, using a polite tone. Everybody preferred to give me orders... Carry it up... Bring it down... Put it here... Put it there... Here you are, some tip...
My days pa**ed this way but this lady was different for me. As I was approaching her and smelt the fragrance of her perfume, something started to tremble inside me. It was a strange feeling that I had never experienced before. I looked at her car as it was a wonderful Jaguar sports car. My jaw dropped as I got closer.
-Good afternoon. Could you help me? My suitcase got stuck because I had filled up my trunk to the extremes.
-Of course, I'm coming.- and I keenly hurried up to her.
-What's your name? - she immediately switched to an informal style, which was quite unusual.
-I'm Leo, my dearest lady. - whispered I and suddenly I remembered the wind ... it had brought the wealthy woman for me - maybe... as I had never felt like this before... I gazed at her... my eyes were blank... and then I looked at her car again...
I'm Rita. - said she and reached out her hand towards me ...
Suddenly I did not know what to do as she treated me as if I had been the director....

Beküldve: December 20, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love

We whispered softly into the wind at our secret place. We didn't dare to shout as our words would have been echoed on the walls of our little town. We believed that this ceremony would make our dreams come true.
- We whispered whispers into the wind... You may ask what...
- I want to have a wealthy woman on my side. - whispered I.
-Me too... me too..., whispered Tom in the wind.
-Do you think our desire will be satisfied?- asked I.
-Trust me. -answered Tom, nodding. - I give it a year and rich women will queue up in front of our door...
-We had a good laugh. Sometimes we believed in this ceremony and sometimes we didn't, but still we repeated it again and again at our secret place. During this time we watched the clouds as they danced with the sun, bright, delightful and angelic. In my imagination I saw God surrounded by glowing light. We often said a prayer as it was a sacred place that we had kept in our hearts since our childhood. It was so wonderfully brilliant for us.
That day the sunset was especially amazing. It was almost dark when we started our way back.
-Work again, tomorrow...- said I and sighed.
-You are so lucky. You just go horse riding. i can't imagine a more beautiful job than that. - said I.
-What am I going to do tomorrow? Are you really curious? I am going to carry the manure of the horse manure and I will have to clean the stable. Good job, isn't it? - laughed Tom. - We can swap jobs if you feel like...
Now, as you are mentioning this, I think I will rather stick to the hotel where I am surrounded by luxury and splendour. So, let's hurry up or else it will get dark very soon!...

Beküldve: December 12, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love

With my friend, Tom, we tried to find out about the secret of women. We put together our experience gained so far but we had so little and we were shy. We saw the girls running more times but we did not approach them. While riding our horses we were wondering if we should have gone up to them.
- What are you saying, my friend? Shall we go up to them? Shall we turn our horses?
-No way. That's my honest opinion. We should walk as I'm sure the chicks would like to ride a horse and we should lead the horses.
-Hey, Leo, you are not a real gentleman. - said Tom.
- She has just come to the hotel. I don't say I wouldn't fancy her but right now I'm longing for freedom. - answered Leo and started galloping.
-Freedom is also my priority now because my dad has told me that I can bring only a rich woman to the riding school as I have to boost the farm...
- A rich and hot woman! I would be crazy for her... do you think there is a woman like this?
And they went on galloping and pondering...

Beküldve: November 30, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Evi
Summer love

Laura and her friend, Amy ran some laps next to the forest every second day. Sometimes two men passed them. They were riding horses.
-One of them works in the hotel, - said Laura gasping for breath to Amy while they were running. - We are colleagues. His eyes are beautiful. He may be a good person. And he is really good-looking.
-Do you like him? As I heard, his friend called him Leo. Did I hear it well?
-As we are new colleagues, we have not really spoken to each other. We just greeted each other and went on to work.
-I can see that you have a crush on him, Laura. You almost fainted as you looked at him. Only one glance and you are head over heels. I can clearly see this. -laughed Amy mischievously.
-And what if that's right? He is a hot guy...
During this time the two running girls and the two riders met and the riders galloped past them quickly. The boys only nodded to the girls and passed on......

Beküldve: November 22, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love

We were good friends so we always listened to each other. In many cases we decided to tease the neighbours when we went horse riding together so we held each other's hand as if we were friends with benefits. Of course we were not lovers. We only pretended to be because we wanted to tease the neighbours. We took friendship absolutely seriously. A best friend is sometimes brutally honest, sometimes highlights our faults or sometimes he is the only one person who dares to speak about the things you need to hear. But it is also certain that your best friend is always there for you and helps you to get your life together after you have made a number of silly mistakes and he won't make any nasty remarks on you. He will only support you. We had to support each other spiritually many times. So we went horse riding in our free time through the amazing and splendid mountains and valleys while we enjoyed the oxygen-rich fresh air that filled our lungs...
'This is life, mate. said I always to Tom .. And he agreed, laughing loudly...

Beküldve: November 10, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love
With my best friend we had big dreams. We had a favourite place, a secret one. Only we knew about it. We discussed our big dreams, plans and loves there. We became single as the girls had taken away all of our money and had left us. My friend, Tom, was in an even worse situation as he was working in his father's riding school. He was dependent on his father as he did not have his own money. His father was vulgar. He always wore dirty, old, stretched sweat pants because he thought they were suitable for the country and my poor friend, Tom did not have any more attractive clothes either so the girls only laughed at him. I have dreamed about a rich woman all my life, similar to the ones that stayed in the hotel but so far all of them had had a partner so I could not get close to them either. Anyway, according to the rules of the hotel it was forbidden to start a personal relationship with the guests so I usually carried out my tasks my head down...
The countryside where I live is wonderful. We go horse riding quite often. This is the part we can enjoy from the luxurious life of the well-off. We have to make the horses run in order to keep them in good shape. The guests of the hotel frequently visited the riding school so me and my friend had big dreams and daring plans about the future about becoming wealthy.

Beküldve: October 24, 2017
Name: sayings:
Name: Gabriel
Summer love
I am a hotel porter in the hotel of a small rural town. I can't complain as I earn quite well from tips. I have not considered getting married yet as I'm only 28 years old. I still live with my mother, who always wants to control me, but anyway she is good-natured -she is all heart. I earn a lot but it isn't enough. I keep thinking about how I could earn even more so that I could move to a small flat that would be eventually only mine. So, this is the way how I live in this quiet, little town in the countryside. My name is Leonard. My pals are always kidding me: hey, what is it like to be the king of animals? I just tell them to bugger off, but all in vain because they never miss any chance to make this joke. I watch the rich wistfully. They spend an amount equal to my monthly salary in the bar if they have a good time. That's the way how my days are passing by - always cheerfully and enthusiastically.

Beküldve: October 19, 2017

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