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The ignorant say:
they will believe in angels only if they see them.
The wise understand:
they will see the angels if they believe in them.

Michael archangel


Archangel Michael is the divine helper and protector. It is the keeper of the emotional or astral body, the fire element, the karma, the forehead and the navel chakra. Archangel Michael appears most frequently in dark blue colours or red fire columns. The primary task of Archangel Michael is to drive away the inferior energies of fear. We can ask it to remove the harmful energies from our environment.


Rafael archangel


The healer of God and the healer of the heavenly world. Its activity is manifested in divine intervention and counselling. In the former case it surrounds you with its emerald green healing light and love so your problems will disappear at one go. In the latter case with intuition and insight it shows how we ourselves can facilitate our recovery. It is the keeper of the mental body, the air element, healing and the heart chakra.


Gabriel archangel


The saviour, the saver and God’s angel of freedom. Gabriel is a messenger who eagerly helps people dealing with writing and communicates healing messages to them. Gabriel has promoted the development of natural sciences. It is the keeper of the etheric body, the throat chakra and the water element. It appears in blue shades and silvery blue.


Uriel archangel


Archangel Uriel is the angel of manifestation, realization and fulfilment. It is the keeper of the physical body, the earth element, realization and manifestation, the spleen and root chakras. The energy of Uriel is similar to a candle light. Its colour is pale yellow. We should call upon it if we need ideas or advice.


Metatron archangel


The king of angels, the keeper of the spiritual body. Archangel Metatron appears primarily in white, gold and violet colours but it may also appear in a pale red light interwoven with gold. If we turn to Archangel Metatron, it will clean our chakras and surround us with sacral formations. It is the keeper of the transcendence element, the divine light and the crown chakra.


Camael archangel


The keeper of the paths, human relationships and the spleen chakra. Camael pays attention to the inner peace of people and world peace. In most cases it appears in orange colour, many times decorated with gold rays and dots.


Haniel archangel


Archangel Haniel is the king of divine love, the love covering everything, tameness and tenderness, mutual understanding and communication. It is the keeper of the heart chakra. Archangel Haniel appears in pink, in every shade of it.


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